Getting involved is so easy! The purpose of the She’s Here campaign is to raise awareness of an issue facing girls around the world, if you can simply start this conversation, then you are getting involved in the cause. Now, what better way to start this conversation than by wearing one of our brand bracelets!?

Besides wearing our bracelet and starting this conversation, you can donate to She’s Here - the donation funds will go directly to funding the efforts of our partners to solve the problem on the ground in Tanzania.

Starting August 1, 2019 we are launching our Back to School Campaign:


  • Our goal: provide 40 Tanzanian girls with reusable sanitary products, culturally sensitive instructions, and menstrual health management education.

  • She’s Here is launching a new product in partnership with Island Haus Paperie, a coffee mug – available now on our website!

To Raise Awareness

  • This year as you head back to school, send your child back to school, or watch the school bus roll by your street, take a moment to think about all of the girls around the world who are unable to return to school – simply because of the shame and stigma surrounding their periods. She’s Here is striving to change that.

To Empower Women

  • She’s Here sells bracelets handmade by women in Tanzania in order to raise the funds necessary to provide local school-aged girls with menstrual health management education and culturally sensitive reusable pads. Our mission is to ensure that they are provided with the necessary tools to further their basic human right of receiving an education.

 To Give Something Back

  • Please consider donating to She’s Here as a part of your annual back to school shopping routine.

  • The goal of our back to school campaign is to provide at least 40 Tanzanian girls with the means necessary to stay in school and further their education.

 To Be a Good Human

  • Together, we have the power to dramatically impact a local Tanzanian community. By providing a girl with reusable sanitary products and menstrual health management education, she is not only given the opportunity to stay in school and receive an education, but also find a career. The ultimate economic opportunity she is provided could one day allow her to lift herself, her family, and her community out of poverty.

 To Grow

  • Please join us in our mission to enable local Tanzanian girls an education, an opportunity that we so often take for granted.

  • If you’re on board, please consider donating to our back to school campaign!  Your support would directly go towards keeping Tanzanian girls in school, while also helping us expand our product line such that we can reach our full potential for impact.

  • In appreciation of your thoughtful support, donations of $50 or more come with a free bracelets. Donations of $100 or more come with a free She’s here coffee mug and bracelet.



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