Welcome to She's Here

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Welcome to She’s Here, we are so grateful to begin connecting with you.

As November approaches, I am reminded of the season of thankfulness, and that being said I am thankful for the opportunity that you are joining us on our journey to raise awareness of feminine hygiene education and provide products to school girls in Tanzania.

As a woman on a college campus, with female roommates, periods come up often - generally in conversations when we are complaining. Just the other day one of my roommates told her boyfriend that she was on her period, and he responded “I hope it is a quick and easy one!” LOL WHAT?? We all laughed out loud for a long time about that response. He meant to be so nice, but it was so obvious he had no idea what it was like to be on your period, for obvious reasons of course, yet still wanted to talk about it and sympathize. This got me thinking - so many men in our society want to be progressive and activists for female empowerment, yet are simply not given the opportunity or education to do such. So at She’s Here, it is important to me to reach all people wanting to raise awareness to period poverty!

All of that being said, what we often take for granted is the fact that we can speak about our periods out loud, with each other, our boyfriends, our brothers, our fathers, and not be shamed and abused for it. We have access to sanitary products and pain relievers. We had female role models like mothers and aunts and cousins who taught us what it meant to be on our periods. However, this is not a luxury that girls everywhere get the privilege of having. In fact, 15% of girls in Tanzania aged 7-13 are out of school. 76% of girls in Tanzania aged 14-19 are out of school. So by the time they begin menstruating most girls simply drop out of school.

Today I am thankful that we are able to come together and talk about this issue. That I have gained enough support for this venture to be possible. To people reading this blog: I am so thankful because that is more people - hopefully men and women - who are empowered to make a change and work together with She’s Here to raise awareness!   

Ella Patrick